Nonprofit Leadership Program

The Nonprofit Leadership Program is a multidisciplinary program within the College of Business & Public Administration. This program is primarily directed toward students who want to acquire skills and enhance their qualifications for service in the nonprofit sector.

Both programs complement any major area of study. The program will develop students' competencies in understanding nonprofit organizations, the role of meeting human needs, and the diversity of groups in society. Students acquire the competencies for this program through coursework as well as hands-on learning through service work in the community and internships with nonprofit organizations.

The Nonprofit Leadership Program is accredited by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, a national organization that establishes competencies and affiliates with nonprofit leadership programs in colleges and universities.

Student Handbook

Total requirement for a Nonprofit Leadership Minor is 21-credits.

Required courses:  
POLS 200 Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector 3 credits
POLS 361 Nonprofit Management 3 credits
POLS 450 Capstone Experience and Development 3 credits
POLS 480-2 Internship for Nonprofit Leadership 1-3 credits
Electives (9 credits):  
Organizational Electives (3 credits):    
ESSP 160 Sustainability & Society 3 credits
ENTR 316 Entrepreneur Law & Operations 3 credits
PSYCH 301 Industrial and Organizational Psychology 3 credits
COMM 303 Principles of Public Relations 3 credits
COMM 401 Organizational Communication 3 credits
Service and Community Electives (3 credits):    
COMM 102 Communication and the Human Community 3 credits
SOC 115 Social Problems 3 credits
RHS 200 Helping Skills in Community Services 3 credits
COMM 212 Interpersonal Communication 3 credits
PSYCH 250 Developmental Psychology 4 credits
GEOG 250 Introduction to Geopolitics 3 credits
T&L 252 Child Development 3 credits
SOC 306 Social Change 3 credits
IDS 495 Service and Citizenship 3 credits
Diversity Electives (3 credits):    
RELS 120 Religion in America 3 credits
PHIL 120 Introduction to Ethics 3 credits
IS 121 Introduction to Indian Studies 3 credits
ANTH 171 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3 credits
WGS 200 Introduction to Gender Studies 3 credits
MUSC 203 Music and Culture 3 credits
PHIL 215 Contemporary Moral Issues 3 credits
RELS 216 Women and Religion 3 credits
A&S 225 Introduction to the Study of Women 3 credits
WGS 225 The Study of Women 3 credits
RHS 250 Contemporary Issues in Rehabilitation 3 credits
COUN 250 Dialogue on U.S. Diversity 3 credits
SOC 250 Diversity in American Society 3 credits
PHIL 251 Ethics in Health Care 3 credits
PHIL 252 Ethics in Business and Public Administration 3 credits
ANTH 371 Cultural Dynamics 3 credits
ANTH 379 Culture Area Studies 3 credits
COMM 402 International/ Intercultural Communication 3 credits
PSYCH 421 Diversity Psychology 3 credits
ANTH 465 Culture, Illness and Health 3 credits

Note: Students may "double use" courses for the Nonprofit Leadership Program and for their majors or minors.

Total requirement for a Nonprofit Leadership Certificate is 18-credits.

POLS 200. Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector. 3 credits. An introduction to management and leadership in the nonprofit sector, investigating the history, philosophy, ethics, and organization of nonprofit agencies.Coursework will include introductions on volunteerism, board selection and development, fundraising, the role of a foundation, management and administration, and public relations. The course will combine a review of texts, student research, expert guest lecturers, workshops, and student presentations. (F )

POLS 361. Nonprofit Management 3 credits. Prerequisite: A&S 200. Overview of the management of nonprofit organizations. Content includes history and legal foundation of nonprofits, leadership, management of employees and volunteers, operations management and financial management. (F)

POLS 450. Capstone Experience and Development. 3 credit. Prerequisite: A&S 200.
Students will be asked to develop an integrative paper and complete a competency portfolio conveying what they have learned from the Nonprofit Leadership Program. Students are REQUIRED to attend the Alliance Management Institute (AMI). The Alliance Management Institute is a 3-4 day, intensive national management institute, organized by students from across the country affiliated with the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, featuring workshops, seminars, and case studies. The institute is held in early January, between the fall and spring semesters. Students are required to raise funds to cover travel expenses and registration fees (app. $800-1,000), or pay their own expenses. Fund raising efforts provide a hands-on learning experience prior to the Institute. (S)

POLS 480-2. Internship for Nonprofit Leadership Program. 1-3 credits. Prerequisite: A&S 200. Intended to be the cumulative application of the Nonprofit Leadership Program competencies for students. The internship is a short-term work experience emphasizing hands-on learning. The internship incorporates education and professional development in a nonprofit agency. (F), (S), (SS)

For information on the minor and aid in selecting courses, or to declare a Leadership Minor, visit the CoBPA Office of Academic Advisement in Gamble Hall 127.