About the CoBPA

Dedicated to Excellence

We at the College of Business & Public Administration are dedicated to preparing our students for the next generation of business and public leadership. Our approach to offering a professional education includes:
  • A core of arts, sciences and humanities
  • A common body of knowledge in business and government
  • A group of specialized courses which provide a greater depth of understanding of business or public administration/political science.

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Learn with Passion, Discover with Purpose, Create Lasting Value, and Transform Lives.

This mission reflects our efforts to expand student learning, improve faculty research and knowledge, strengthen alumni relationships, and become more active stewards in society. 

To serve our global society by creating and sharing knowledge in an innovative, inclusive, and collaborative learning-centered environment.

Trust people

  • Depend on and trust each other to achieve our core purpose.
  • Expect everyone to behave with integrity and civility and to uphold the highest ethical standards.

Value knowledge

  • Make knowledge accessible and useful to all.
  • Ask questions and develop evidence-based answers.

Serve others

  • Put others first.
  • Listen.
  • Share what we learn.

Practice inclusion

  • Connect our communities with the world.
  • Respect and encourage everyone’s contributions.

Aspire to more

  • Do not become complacent with who and what we are now.
  • Strive to become more responsive, innovative, and relevant.

Inspire the human spirit  

  • Arouse passion.
  • Awaken the power for action.

A First Class Educational Experience

The CoBPA is the largest school of business in North Dakota and serves an average of 1,800 undergraduate students and 225 graduates students per year.

Committed to providing educational and social opportunities to all its students, the college offers more than 25 professional student clubs and organizations. Students can also take advantage of many cooperative employment and internship programs throughout the year.

The CoBPA is the first accredited business college in North Dakota. Our accrediting agency, AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), establishes standards to promote the highest levels of educational quality. 

The CoBPA is one of only 777 accredited business schools in the world.

Academic Departments

The CoBPA has five departments and one school, with several academic programs including 15 undergraduate programs and four graduate programs. 

We are extremely proud of our students, alumni and our nationally accredited programs. We pride ourselves on the first class facilities and technology available for students to use.